7 Tactics To Increase The Likes On Your Facebook Page

I bet that’s the first thing you do every morning. A quick glance at your Facebook newsfeed is part of your morning routine. This is a worldwide phenomenon. How (and why) did the Facebook application become the most popular social media platform there is?

Another important consideration is how vital this platform is to your business. In addition to creating a

Let’s take a look at some tips that will allow you to get more likes on your Facebook page.

1. Your Posts Must Inspire Shares

The many tools that Facebook offers you allow you to create posts of any kind. However, a post that you don’t put your heart into – and your time and effort – won’t get any attention. What are you doing wrong? How can you get more likes from people on your page and posts.

If you want more likes, your posts must travel across the Facebook universe. You know your current community isn’t big enough yet. The messages on your page must be read by your friends’ friends, their friends and their friends. This occurs when your posts are shared.

Most people like a post before sharing it, because people love to make statements. This way your likes will already be increasing.

What types of posts fall into this category?

Your posts must contain value to those who view them. For a long time, people were presented with exaggerated headlines that only led to poor quality content. Now people are getting smarter. Nowadays, they let go of posts that seem too good to be true. Your post title needs to grab attention, but don’t overdo it.

Your content must offer some value in terms of the scope of your target audience. You need to know who your target audience is so that you can create adequate content.Facebook has its own algorithm  that chooses the content for the newsfeed. Aim to deliver quality posts to Facebook users. If you make an effort to create proper posts, Facebook will reward you.

People don’t like being treated like a fool. Make sure your content is correct – particularly if you make claims about facts – so as not to lose credibility in the eyes of your fans. If they don’t believe your content, they won’t share it.

2. Timing is key

Facebook marketing is not about posting randomly. Rather, this marketing tool is becoming a well-researched science. People are most active on social media at certain times. Are your messages reaching them at these peak times?

Programs like  Google Analytics  show you when your target audience is most active. Harness the power of this online tool to understand what these moments are. If you send important information outside these hours, your post won’t even be seen by the audience you want to reach. This can cost you a lot of likes.

It is also important to cost and post regularly at these peak times. Brands become famous because people get used to seeing them. If you see a brand often, you will believe it has become popular and you will want to follow it. Make sure your audience has this feeling about you.

3. Capture as many senses as possible

Think about what’s important to you when something you like enough to click the Like button. Involvement is primarily triggered by INTEREST.

Audio and Video

A simple written post won’t get your attention much. Images and videos have a greater impact. Capture interest with additional sensory incentives, such as audio and colorful images. You can create custom graphics and videos. However, if you don’t have the time or resources, a solution already exists for you. There are many resources available to use for this type of publication. You can simply create messages that show links to platforms with interesting videos such as:


TED Talks

Popular blogs

These are more likely to trigger emotions or inspire sharing.

4. Take Care of Your Fans

People visit Facebook in part because they need to connect with others. Facebook comments are a great way to take care of your audience. Responding to comments on your page will let people know that you appreciate them.

An interesting discussion on Facebook can attract a new audience. Your current fans might mention their friends in a comment to get them to join the conversation.

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Whenever you get a new like on your page, send your new fan a personal message. People love excellent, personalized customer service. This can result in other people joining your group or supporting your page.

5. The Call-to-Action

There’s a reason calls-to-action are a vital part of any website. Do you know your audience is looking for instructions? Yes, some people want to be told what to do. This means you don’t have to explicitly request Likes.

A call-to-action prompts the user to do something. On a website, it allows the visitor to make a purchase or send information. This is good for the business owner, but it also gives the customer a sense of accomplishment.

6. Provide a Return on Investment

People respond well to marketing if they know (or feel) that they will get something out of the process.

Reward your loyal fans by providing a return on their investment. Their offer might consist of a simple like or a share, but for you it is in any case something beneficial. Get them to see and feel your appreciation.


You can get more likes on Facebook by offering discounts in exchange. If you sell products or services, you can give anyone who likes your page a discount on their next purchase.

In addition to thanking your current audience, you will inspire them to invite other people to like your page. You know that people are always talking to each other about a new food or clothing store. Your Facebook community is no different.

Offer something for free

Branding is a very popular marketing tool. It consists in the distribution of objects with the company logo, in order to spread awareness of the existence of the new brand. Why not use Facebook as a community to influence with these products? You can promise a branded product – make it something people WANT to have – to every person who leaves a like on your page. Again, they will be led to tell their friends that they too can get free stuff.


People like to win, so make sure you take advantage of this via your Facebook page. Offer a contest in which you promise a gift to anyone who will like and share your page or a certain post. Make sure you also communicate who the lucky winner is. Your fans will see that this is a legitimate contest. This will inspire them to re-enter future contests.

7. Use Tools Available to Your Advantage

Many of the tips presented here can be handled better. There are many tools you can use. These tools allow you to save time and turn your actions into an effortless process.

Social Media Management Systems

Businesses make millions by helping people manage their online presence. Yes, this method will cost you some money, but it’s worth it.

You won’t have to sit in front of your Facebook profile when you want to post something. You can simply schedule the next social posts with this app. If publishing is easier, you will have more energy to create exciting content.

You can manage several social media platforms using just one of these systems. They are easy to use and have excellent guidelines. You will save time and effort by dynamically growing your audience.A management system like Hootsuite also gives you feedback. You can monitor your audience’s responses to your posts. Determine which posts elicit the most reactions, likes and shares. So focus on that type of content to get an optimal response. You can also respond to fans through these management systems.

A unique approach is to buy Facebook likes from companies that offer this type of service. These companies are already connected to communities that will find your information relevant. They invite these communities to visit and like your Facebook page. By taking advantage of this resource, you can immediately improve your stats.

Published by Sadia Riley

Digital content strategist with hands-on experience in IT/Software and tech industry. Produces marketing & informational material with deep insight of new trends.

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