2. Create a consistent aesthetic for your brand

In today’s Instagram age, aesthetics has become a very important factor. Especially it became more important for people who manage the social media accounts of a company. If you sell physical products on Instagram, you need to be creative and consistent in your brand aesthetics. Blogilates is a very successful brand in this regard. Check out Pop flex Active, a clothing brand that Cassey has created for people who lead an active life. The basis of the strategy of selling their products is that they have created a live brand aesthetics.

Successful influencer Casey’s comment on the subject is as follows; “Aesthetics is really important for our clothing brand. We share content with beautiful themes that are pleasing to the eye that our perfecting takes years. In addition, we continue to make a lot of effort every day to make further improvements in the symmetry and photography of these products. We also love to re-post customer shares that reflect strength and elegance on our own profile. We make sure that the colors we share on our page are of the kind that reflects the products we designed for the moment. ”

Creating a brand aesthetic also helps you limit what you will focus on in your subject area. From photography type to the colors you choose, in short, all the things that stand out by you and your brand are the factors that reflect your brand. So be careful to choose photos that will fit your brand. By planning and designing the content you will share on Instagram, your number of followers will increase as you will have access to more users. One of the best and effective ways to prepare Instagram content in advance is to use the Visual Instagram Planner (Visual Instagram Designer) tool included in the Later application. This app makes it so easy for you to have the perfect Instagram profile and post stream. After registering for the free Later application, you can easily select and move your photos to the visual designer, and if you wish, you can change the location of the photos and learn how your Instagram profile will look after these photos are shared. Then you are timing your photos to be shared

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